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August 2015
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"Marius Borgeaud" at the Fondation de l’Hermitage, Lausanne.

Photo 1: Pelotes de fil, Collection privée © Jacques D Rouiller - Photo 2: Interieur parisien, Musée d'art de Pully © photo Créatim Renens

Far from being a “sophisticated mess” as described by Marius Borgeaud, the Swiss artists resists the picturesque temptation of ports and the appeal of Bigouden folklore.

He prefers painting pharmacies, city halls and bistros. Indoor scenes represent the maturity of his work and build his reputation. One of the most emblematic artists of his generation, alongside Ferdinand Hodler and Félix Vallotton, it was not until the age of 40 that Marius Borgeaud began to paint. Initially linked to the post-impressionist movement, he quickly carved his own path, far from any artistic genre. His realist, even sometimes naïve style veers towards a more pared-down and synthetic art. He leaves behind over 300 canvases. Until 25th October. B.D.

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