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August 2015
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"Denise Colomb, portraits of artists" at the Villa Béatrix Enea, Anglet.

Denise Colomb, Nicolas de Staël dans son atelier © DR

Artaud, Brauner, Hartung, Giacometti, Mirò, Picasso…In the 1950s, Denise Colomb devised portraits of all the great artists of that era.

Sister of Edouard and pierre Loeb, who own one of Paris’s top galleries, she met painters and sculptors – and it was with Antonin Artaud that she started her series of portraits. Whether photographing celebrities or ordinary folk, her passion for faces has never wavered. At over ninety years old, Denise Colomb creates portraits in mirrors and brings African masks to life, a testimony to her inexhaustible love for mankind and art.
Until 29th August. B.D. www.anglet.fr

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