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August 2014
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« Ousmane Mbaye, Ten years of design » at 104, Paris.

9 Doors Mosaic, Ousmane Baye. Courtesy of 104

The ‘Centquatre Paris’ has opted to exemplify African design this Paris Design Week with work by Dakar designer, Ousmane Mbaye.

For the past ten years, this artist has ‘imagined and experimented with aesthetic responses, in the hope of finding balance’. And his creation bursts with audacity, confident of his journey, his ambitions and his ‘savoir fer’. Composed of furniture and light installations, consoles and foundations, space and materials, every challenge or each source of inspiration is an opportunity for this artist to mould metal and master colour. Ousmane Mbaye fully establishes himself in Dakar’s creative effervescence, where recycling and artisanal and personal craft permits renders daily life simpler, by emancipating itself through technical appropriation.
From 6th September to 6th October.

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