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April 2015
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« David Hamilton » at the Hôtel Scribe, Paris.

David Hamilton, Fragipaniers, hibiscus et pervenches de Madagascar © DR

As an icon of contemporary art photography since the end of the 1960s, David Hamilton is famous for his style, which is characterised by pastel colours, soft lightening with an artistic blur and a misty atmosphere, all of which are undeniably recognisable.

Most noteworthy among these are his landscapes, his flowers and his dancers, which Hôtel Scribe has chosen to make up this exhibition. Without sophistication or artificiality, David Hamilton works quite simply only with natural light, harmoniously researching his craft like the painters who inspired him as a young artist: Gustave Le Gray, Robert Demarchy, Edgar Degas and many others.
Until 14th June. B.D

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