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June 2014
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Transforming everyday objects: the dada of Studio 5.5

Photo 1: So French, It Beret © 5.5 design studio/C CLIER Photo 2: So French, Showglass © 5.5 design studio/C CLIER Photo 3: So French, Frankey © 5.5 design studio/C CLIER

Now to the driving star of the exhibition – the VF 5.5 -, which is the mascot of this capsule collection, equipped with striped seat and cockade-like wheels. Made by Transformeurs & Partenaires. Studio 5.5 – formerly 5.5 Designers – are anything but learners, having enjoyed distorting ordinary objects from the word go. Their first big bang was the Reanim collection, the fruit of their work surrounding ‘The Medicine of Objects’. Fiercely opposed to wastage and in the midst of the ecological crisis, this collective demonstrated how to ‘heal’ lame ducks by giving them a new burst of life. A smash hit of bistrot chairs with plexiglass seats and fluorescent feet.

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