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July 2014
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The Icon: Atelier Rondini

Rondini Bérénice Natural Python, Illustration by Dale Lombard

Look out: it’s a cult house! In the great heritage of Saint Tropez, Sénéquier and Rondini are unrivalled. First, let’s set the record straight: Rondini existed before K-Jacques. And so, to those gangs of Parisians who snub your sandals, simply reply that yours are guaranteed to last for life. For life?! Or so to speak. Natural leather loosens over time, and so if necessary, you can have your straps adjusted every year in the third generation Rondini ateliers. And it was Dominique Rondini, a bootmaker by trade, who came up with this very notion in Saint Tropez…In 1927, he decided to liberate ladies’ feet with a thick leather model, which proved to be comfortable and sexy on a stroll from small harbour to the Place des Lices. Today, it is his grandson Alain Rondini who continues the tradition…Needless to say, the collections have become more elaborate (nubuck leather and crocodile skin…) but the expertise remains unchanged, with hand-stitched top quality leather. Just ask any of those ready-tongued dames, who respond that opting for Rondini is a commitment. A commitment to this legendary vendor, who does shoes for Marlène Dietrich and Colette!

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