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July 2014
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The Fashion Statement: K-Jacques

Photo 1: Mr & Mrs K.Jacques, 25 rue Allard, Photo 2: K-Jacques Workshop, Photo 3: Mr K.Jacques 1933, 25 Rue Allard, Shoes: K-Jacques. Courtesy of K-Jacques

Cheer up: before war is declared, the battle is already on. These K-Jacques fall in line with the Rondinis, some five years after the overnight success of their first models in 1933. Mr. and Mrs. Kéklikian Jacques came up with the idea to abbreviate the name of the label in the 70s, rechristening it K-Jacques. But it wasn’t just a question of simplifying the name, more the handcrafted production, which requires no fewer than 46 manual operations and an hour of concentrated handwork. In their day, Brigitte Bardot and Picasso endorsed this style pronto…You know the rest: worldwide success, even if production remains reasoned.

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