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January 2016
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The wind of freedom blowing across France

Maison Guerlain, Affiche publicités, Terracotta, Lotion Orchidée impériale, portrait JP Guerlain. Exception Française PLUME VOYAGE janvier 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

In 1969, echoing the wind of freedom blowing across France, Guerlain creates Chamade, a floral name of a novel by Francoise Sagan. The 1980s were marked by the arrival of Nahema perfumes and Jardins de Bagatelle, and products and cosmetic treatments with the Evolution and Issima lines. The success is also provided with “Meteor” in a precious box, inspired by a powder box of Catherine de Medici, there is a revolutionary powder composed of the famous beads of different colors, each color having a specific function to sublimate the complexion. In 1984 is launched the Terracotta powder, now a wholly line with 60 references powders, gloss and blush for cheek. In 1989, Samsara that combines jasmine, rose and sandalwood. In 1992, Jean-Paul Guerlain took over the management of Guerlain. But in 1994, the luxury group LVMH bought Guerlain. In 1996, Guerlain celebrates the most beautiful avenue in the world by launching “Champs-Élysées”: a delicious, cheerful, and sparkling fragrance, born from the imagination of Olivier Cresp and Sylvaine Delacourte, Sophie Marceau is the muse.

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