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January 2016
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New fragrances are proliferating

Maison Guerlain, affiches publicités anciennes. Exception Française PLUME VOYAGE janvier 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR.jpg

In 1842, Guerlain opens at 15, Rue de la Paix. Once again the success is here: the new fragrances are proliferating : Parfum Impérial, Bouquet de l’Impératrice, Bouquet Napoléon … Soon, all the wealthy and famous people flock: the Prince of Wales , the Queen of Belgium, the Duchess of Berry, the Countess of Castiglione, the Princess of Metternich, the Duchess of Mouchy … In addition to the fragrances, Guerlain reveals ointments such as Iris or Cucumbers Milk or the almond paste with honey and revolutionizes makeup with The Pyrommée inspired by kohl, to underline the eyes … The year of 1853 saw the creation of the legendary Eau de Cologne Impériale, created, of course, for the Empress Eugenie, known for he great beauty. It seems that the perfumer is inspired by the dome of the Vendome column to create the bottle. Guerlain is adorned with the title of patented Perfumer by the Majesty. This water is still one of the great classics of the house sold in a bottle with 69 bees, nod to the Empire.

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