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March 2014

The Neighborhood of Art Galleries in Miami

Numerous art galleries have opened in the old warehouse district of Wynwood, Miami. Photos by Ludovic Bischoff. Photo 3 : Margulies Warehouse, Wynwood, Miami. Photo 1 & 4 : Bakehouse art Complex, Wynwood, Miami. Photos by Ludovic Bischoff.

The neighborhood of Wynwood does not only shine because of its street art scene. Numerous art galleries have set up here, enjoying the large empty surfaces provided by the empty warehouses. It is here, for example, that Martin Margulies, one of the largest collectors of contemporary art in the United States, has installed his incredible collection to be enjoyed by curious visitors. You might even be lucky enough to meet this colorful character during your visit. He – who, after making a fortune in real estate, devoted his life to art – is the best guide imaginable to take you around his amazing collection of often monumental and imposing pieces by artists like Anselm Kiefer to Song Dong. Not far from the Margulies Warehouse, stop by the Bakehouse Art Complex for a visit. Here, you can view work by over 70 young artists of every nationality housed in this old cookie factory. Many French artists are in residence here. It is a wonderful emulating community of artists who work in studios open to the public. This is the best place to witness the budding artistic scene of Miami. Do not forget, either, to visit the De La Cruz Collection or the CIFO that support artists from Latin America. And all the other small galleries and foundations that continue to settle into this neighborhood, where art can be found at every street corner…

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