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March 2014

Betsy Hotel, the refuge of artists on South Beach

The Betsy Hotel supports artists and offers rooms for all writers and poets who want it. Photo © Betsy Hotel. Photo 1: The Betsy at Dusk, Miami. Photo 3: The Betsy Lobby, Miami. Photo 2 & 4: Betsy Interiors, Miami. Photo 5: Deck, Betsy Hôtel, Miami.

In order to fulfill the soul of the artist that lives within you, one must forget the bling-bling Art Deco hotels haunted by top models and take refuge at the Betsy Hotel. A beautiful 1930’s house overlooking the sea, located at the end of Ocean Drive but far from the tourist traps of the waterfront so prevalent in South Beach. Completely renovated in 2009, the Betsy has a chic, tropical atmosphere. One can almost imagine Hemingway leaning on the bar. He’s never been here, but who cares. With 60 elegant rooms, and a roof terrace overlooking the sea, everything is attractive in this charming hotel that supports writers by providing a room in which they can come to spend a week in the sun, free of charge, to work on a text. This is an initiative started by the hotel owner whose father, Hyam Plutzik, was a well-known poet and Pulitzer Prize finalist. Anyone can submit an application to stay in this room in which you are supposed to find artistic inspiration. But if you don’t get chosen to stay in this special free room, know that in the classic rooms you will enjoy small, unique touches like a poem placed on your pillow at night…Note, the BLT, the bistro run by French chef Laurent Tourondel, reserves a table her at one of the best eateries in Miami for guests of the Betsy. Ideal for lovers of red meat!

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