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January 2014
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The old city of Baku

Old City of baku

The old city of Baku is not true to its name. The streets and walls of the buildings have been renovated and washed so they look brand new! And yet, the site has been occupied since the Bronze Age! At an absolute must-see is the “Virgin tower”, a symbol of the country. It was at the top of this tower that a loved-up princess was trapped to be cast into the sea, which has now retreated several hundred meters. Located on the Silk Road, Baku has retained some of its caravanserais that have been transformed into restaurants. Declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, the old town is a tiny pocket of winding streets and flowered balconies, making it a very pleasant place to walk around before strolling along the waterfront, perfect for families and lovers who wish to immerse themselves in the oily and eternally calm waters of the Caspian Sea.

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