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September 2015
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Francisca Sutil

Francisca Sutil © DR

Francisca Sutil is a chilian painter whose work has featured at the MoMA in New York and is reflection of her name : discreet and attentive to the slightest variations in colour. Under her brush, colours overflow and radiate, stay quiet and then expload. Worthy heiress of Mark Rothko, this chilian artist creates and orchestrates symphonies of colour and tone. Whether working with oil paints or gesso (a plaster and/or gypse based binder used in the Middle Ages which when mixed with animal glue was used to coat the wooden boards used by painters), each canvas is a journey and a sensory colour exploration. Her work can be seen as an oxymoron and a tribute to surrealist poet Paul Eduard and his ‘Terre Bleue comme une Orange’ with cobolt blue, scarlet orange, sun beams and blood spears all overlapping yet working together in a calm tempo yet to a frenzied pace. Between anger and serenity, Francisca Sutil seizes colour in destitution.

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