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September 2013
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The best glassworkers of France

From left to right and top to bottom: Photo 1: Manufacture Baccarat ©Thierry Bouet, 2: Engraving of the Manufacture Baccarat, 3 : Candelabra ©Jean Lariviere, 4: Interior of the Manufacture ©Lucie Loret, 5 : Foura Pot Colors ©Lucie Loret and 6: Workshop of Molding ©Jean Lariviere

Around the ark of cooking and mittens , the various ovens preparing the material to 1,450 degrees , the gestures are not superfluous , they are extremely accurate , with infinite patience , fast moving , time break , alternating long time , rapid gestures, and turning, turning the rod of the crystal blower . It should be the breath of the man to give the shape at the end of the cane , the indispensable tool of the blower that is constantly heated. Kid , second , big kid , blower , tiler, 80 glassworkers at the factory , including 24 of the best workers in France .

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