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September 2013
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Ancient and precise gestures

From left to right and top to bottom: Photo 1: Manufacture ©Lucie Loret, 2: Manufacturing detail ©Jean Lariviere, 3:Manufacturing detail ©Lucie Loret, 4: Detail Manufacturing ©Jean Lariviere, 5: The shaping ©Lucie Loret, 6 Harcourt Dark side by Starck ©Lucie Loret, 7 and 8: Blower ©Jean Lariviere

It takes three years of training before thinking to master this material and accomplish these secular movements for working in this area. From this long learning, the glassworkers are taking off a lot of humility such as Christian who has been in the factory for 38 years and says ” it’s not because we’re the best of France that we are the best workers. There are workers who are also good but do not dare to pass the contest. ” It is at the school of Moulins, Sarrebourg or Vannes-le -Châtel that you learn the trade and then became an apprentice in alternation and get a Patent crafts. But it takes more years to begin to master the work of the crystal. Workshops “froid” require as much precision and patience: the workshop “rougissage” where Frederick Cuny, the head of the merger ignites the gold for the famous red Baccarat, the cut workshop made with diamond headland after calipering to red or blue felt, the bronze workshop, gilding workshop .. as many mandatory workshops for such perfect objects .

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