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October 2014
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A solid ecological desire

K-Märkt, Stockholm © Ludovic Bischoff

At K-Märkt, reducing waste is a priority. Whilst at a typical self-service, almost 40% of food ends up in the bin, at K-Märkt it is less than 5%. Interestingly, clients pay for their food by weight. This solution makes customers accountable and encourages them not to take more than they can swallow! As for the 5% wastage, even this serves a purpose, being transformed into fuel, which drives the van that collects the best products from the most reputed butchers, fishmongers and market gardeners in Stockholm. Because at K-Märkt, they serve only top quality products, the very same found in Michelin starred restaurants. But in order to maintain their affordable prices, every evening the K-Märkt team gather all that these luxury suppliers have in stock. As a result, costs are barely higher than in a traditional industrial cantine ( + 20% on average), and K-Märkt clients can freely taste dishes fit for a banquet table!

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