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October 2013
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Green and silver

From right to left and from top to bottom, photo 1: The gray of olive trees, marked with a green line almost black of the green cypresses in Montalcino © Delamotte, 2 :  Sentries at the top of the gentle hills © Vito Arcomano / Fototeca ENIT, 3: Cypress point the way ... © Vito Arcomano / Fototeca ENIT. , 4: Vines mark the hills of their bright green © Vito Arcomano / Fototeca ENIT , 5: Such as a Morandi canvas © DR  and 6 :Spotlight near Siena © Vito Arcomano / Fototeca ENIT

As though to temper this riot of colors, the opulent Tuscan nature displays an incredible variety of greens. The almost black cypresses stand as exclamation points that gently mark the landscape with their sharp silver olive lines. Whilst the nuances of carefully ordered vineyards undulate along the hills and grass, lulled by the wind.


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