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October 2013
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Brown and gray

From left to right and top to bottom, photo 1: Softness of the Crete Senese © DR 2: The Fall and its palette of browns and grays © DR, 3: All shades of Sienna in one landscape © DR , 4: Cypresses like exclamation points © DR, 5: View from Pienza © Béatrice Delamotte, and 6: View from the terrace of the Villa Gicaber in Chianni, member of Ville in Italia © Béatrice Delamotte

Roundness and softness – these might be the first two words that come to mind when we contemplate the landscape of the countryside around Siena. Although autumn has begun to strip the vines of a few leaves, the magic of the landscape is there. The sight of rolling hills, punctuated with beautiful homes. The little winding roads lined with rows of cypress trees. The perfection of the arrangement is breathtaking. The distinctive region of Crete Senesi, literally the Senese clays, offers spectacular views over these ridges in such particular tones. The earth of Sienna is, overall an incredibly rich palette of browns and grays.

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