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November 2016
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Royal hare at the Orangerie

Restaurant l’Orangerie. une halte novembre 2016 opération pot au feu PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Stephane de Bourgies © Osmany Tavares

David Bizet, the young chef of the Orangerie at the Four Seasons George V, has just won the first title of world champion of royal hare. This reference dish perpetuates the original flavors, but has been cooked with current techniques and presented in a contemporary way. Hunter and son of hunter, David Bizet is a lover of the game: “the cooking is above all a know-how to the French, he explains. I work with short juices and condiments. Everything is about balance between the power of meat and the finesse of what goes with it. “Attention: the Orangerie has only twenty seats …

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