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November 2016
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Avedon real "discoverer" of Lartigue

Richard Avedon image de l’exposition . une halte novembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

After a first meeting in 1966, Avedon real “discoverer” of Lartigue, plans to show the work of Lartigue as a total work through a book based on his diary: Diary of a Century. Designed and imaged by Avedon, the book is the heart of the exhibition at the BNF. It reveals a disturbing stylistic filiation between Lartigue and American portrait painter. If during those three years, Avedon performs no cliché Lartigue, he asks Lartigue photograph and asked him to realize his portrait in motion, jumping, referring to a cult image Bichonnade taken by Lartigue in 1905 (a woman petticoats jumping over a staircase), as if his dream was recognition that physical entry in the work of Lartigue. To realize the book says co-curator of the exhibition, Marianne Le Galliard, Avedon Lartigue asked to provide original prints. The only prints available, Lartigue loosens his newspaper to send to Avedon requiring vintage prints which he then sent to the printer located in Switzerland with written recommendations to optimize reproduction. Everything was done and funded by Avedon.

After the exciting adventures of biographical book Lartigue, Avedon made his book “In the American West,” a very personal work, a form of liberation: Avedon hit the road documenting the American West through portraits of workers made room on white background, a sheet of paper taped to the garage doors.

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