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November 2014
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Street-food for lunch

Street Food, London © Ludovic Bischoff

For the English, lunch is something to be executed quickly. In London, economic capital of Europe, lunch-breaks are even more brief, with business taking priority above everything else…so, do as the Londoners do and order your sandwich, wrap, burger, fish’n’chips, soups etc, from a food truck counter. And the KERB association helps budding chefs create their food vans. Then they must snap up a hot spot where they can attract local punters. KERB manages several places in London solely devoted to street-food. The most recent, and the most popular, is located at Granary Square, not far from Saint-Pancras, just across from Central Saint-Martin, the most famous school of fashion and design in Britain. Every lunchtime, five or six food trucks serve delicious culinary treats to edgy students and the hurried and harried of this flourishing area (Google is about to open its United Kindgom head office here and Jamie Oliver his next restaurant…) For £5-6, you are spoilt for choice with this original world food, with KERB acting as a measure of quality. These food trucks change daily, varying the culinary delights on offer…


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