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November 2014
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Afternoon Tea with the Queen

Goring Hotel, London. Courtesy Goring Hotel

In all honesty, it is highly unlike that that any of you will have the chance to sip earl grey with her majesty. But if there is anywhere that might make this occasion seem possible, it has to be the Goring. As it is the only hotel in London to receive The Queen’s blessing for its irreproachable service according to the royals! The Goring is an institution. Having opened over a century ago, it is still run by the hands of the same family (the Gorings) who has ensured excellence in service for four generations. In fact, it is the only 5-star hotel in London that remains completely independent, not belonging to any large hotelier group. You could say that there is no tampering with tradition here, seeing as afternoon tea is exclusively served between 3pm and 4pm. While many hotels give into the temptation of modern trends and serve tea throughout the afternoon, at the Goring, traditions are very much upheld. The same goes for the dishes proffered on a three-tier cake plate. Start with dainty sandwiches, before moving onto scones and their thick homemade clotted cream, finishing with pastries, each prettier than the last. What is more, following the passing of the Queen Mother in 2002, the royal family agreed to give to the Goring the lobster and prawn verrine recipe that the Queen Mum loved so much that she forbid serving the dish to anyone but her royal self. And so before digging into your gourmand afternoon-tea platter, you shall be served this longtime secret verrine…In short, the Goring Hotel is the top spot for traditional afternoon tea. Hence the three-month waiting list!


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