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May 2013
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Pleasant surprises

Passage # 2, October Duk by Mark Peiser, Wexler Gallery, Simon Henningsen lamp (1950s) on the stand of Modernity; detail of Optic Twist Screen # 2 by Andy Paiko, Wexler Gallery, ceramic by Sandra Davolio at J. Lohmann Gallery

Among the pleasant surprises are: the screen of blown glass (Optic Twist Screen #2) by American designer Andy Paiko or the luminous UFO sculpted out of naive clouds (Passage # 2, October Duk) by Mark Peiser presented by the Wexler Gallery based in Philadelphia. The sublime, fragile ceramics by Danish artist Sandra Davolio at the New York J. Lohmann Gallery consisted of poetic landscapes in contrast to the ‘Flowers’ of Turi Heisselberg. Further on lie the embossed shelves by Snarkitecture for Grey Area and the bouquet of tables by Sam Baron for Cristina Grajales representing the ‘purely decorative’ aspect of the fair with talent.

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