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June 2014
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DMC Mills: only a part of the 100,000 m2 has been transformed

Motoco & the DMC Warehouse © Ludovic Bischoff

Now, it is hard to believe that it has been barely one short year that they have been here, where they have had the freedom and ease to express themselves in total liberty. Amongst the residents of this unique venue there are visual artists, painters, as well as fashion designers, graphic designers, computer technicians…There is even a free radio station that broadcasts on the Internet.
Access to the site is open to visitors on the first Sunday of each month for an open day, where curious guests can discover workshops and attend performances. But Motoco only occupies a tiny part of the 100,000 m2 of the available factory space dispersed throughout the site. And if, right now, wandering around the site gives one the feeling that you might be the only remaining human living in the city after the end of the world, this should not be the case for very long.

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