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June 2013
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The company "Les Bains."

Cedric Bernadotte - installation in the restaurant -Courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery, photo by Stéphane Bisseuil

The night club was then terribly mismanaged, and almost collapsed due to poorly advised work. Following an order of risk, it closed its doors in 2010 until Jean Pierre Marois and his family created the Société des Bains to transform the entire building into a hotel and perpetuate the magic of the place. The owner, himself artist – first and foremost a fashion photographer, a secondly a film director and producer – developed this project like a film maker would, “As if you acquired the rights of a book, you would find a writer to reinterpret it into film. Then the architects’ competition was carried out in the same way the search for a director would. This is a complex project just like a movie production.”

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