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June 2013
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From public baths to night club to the artists residency, to the luxury hotel

YZ - Courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery, photo by Jérôme Coton

But that’s not to forget the spirit of this place that infuses this salvaging energy and that also inspired the owner to make this amazing artist residency before transforming it into a hotel, “the building was practically empty, clean and bare shelves that gave the place the sense of a ghost ship with a huge poetic charge. First I wanted to photograph the place in all its details but little by little I started thinking more of the Street Art expression whose DNA fits so closely with the identity of Les Bains, in concern to its transience.”
“The strength of this place is its history, its different cycles,” remarks the owner. A beautiful artistic transition before its final transformation into a luxury hotel.


Exhibition of photographs by Stéphane Bisseul and Jérôme Cotton, from June 22nd to July 27th 2013 at the Magda Danysz gallery.
A retrospective about the ephemeral artists’ artworks with daily photos of the in situ installations.
Magda Danysz Gallery, 78, rue Amelot 75011
Book “Les Bains, Résidence d’artistes”, by Editions Drago

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