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July 2016
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Combines together stigmas of the boat, the yacht, the old ship

Le Phocée, navire atelier. Une Halte à Marseilles Ricciotti Pilotines Juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

“I especially made sure to give them confidence so that they identically restore their pontoon, ie with an ambiguity that is both that of the industrial work and that of the nautical book. Because Phocée, combines together stigmas of the boat, the yacht, the old ship … Painting it with beautiful colors, seaside like… In addition it had a red roof. You know why ? Because Gaston Defferre asked them to put tiles on top of it to make it look like Provencal, on a ship … you see the level of s … of the Mayor of Marseille …

So the roof must become white again: it is a color that repels heat …

No but, tiles, you realize? Tiles … Now we have to cover the boats with tiles so that they are in the image of Provence. You laugh ? But it is not funny. It’s quite tragic. “After several weeks of work, the Phocée regained its former vintage look. Rudy Ricciotti has inspired the idea of ​​a book, “to celebrate the memory of labor. These are not jobs, they are businesses. That’s why I defend them. ” The Marseille-Fos steering union is now gathering 47 drivers, 53 employees and 11 pilot boats.

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