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July 2016
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The workshop

Le Phocée, navire atelier. Une Halte à Marseilles Ricciotti Pilotines Juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

From the first meeting, Rudy Ricciotti liked the subject. The workshop also has vessel propellers like any motor vessel built in the 60s, had been modified. Ricciotti therefore proposed to restore its original appearance: Putting the fireplace, pickled brass, paint it entirely in white, including the roof which had been painted red. An advisory role, especially and even coach: “I wanted to help them become aware of the institutional nature of what they are. “Technically, the intervention was therefore based on the verb, and aesthetic vision. On the aesthetics of the art it was back in shape. “They look” fool “because they are transported by the pilot boat: they have a jacket, they have no stripes … Yet these are the officers. They are very humble these people. They taste good. It is a beautiful work, it’s a job. “Couillon? Given their journey, they adopt, actually, a low profile. “To be a pilot, says the architect, pilot boat pilot who comes and brings out the boats, it must have been the school of the merchant marine, tank 5, then after to present the contest, you have fifteen years’ experience in command. It’s been 20 years … You come in 40 years. After, go to pilot the company drivers and then go to very large units in the port, must almost ten years experience. That means drivers returning very very large units in Fos or Marseille is guys who are 50 banks. “

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