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July 2016
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The Phocée

Le Phocée, navire atelier. Une Halte à Marseilles Ricciotti Pilotines Juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

The Phocée, it’s the atelier ship which went out all these ultra-fast boats manufactured on board since 1967, designed and developed by the drivers and carpenters to always better stick to the challenges of the profession. Under its white roof and behind its white facades, this is a real factory, a shipyard also for repairing damaged vessels closer to their area of ​​operation. When Rudy Ricciotti visit the place and discovered the raft to raise pilot boats out of the water for repair, as it passes from the mechanical workshop, the workshop electricity or carpentry workshop is a whole section of expertise in Marseilles and he discovered that the packs: “You have then an amazing tool! “. Culture and art will impress. His eyes shine when he talks about the courage of the pilots: “It is the admiration for those people who inspired me. I admire them. Must go … This is a very dangerous job. Because when you go up and you go down a cargo and there is a storm, we must see how these vessels are shaken … the pilot boats. Pilots have a rope ladder, type down and at some point, he must jump on the pilot boat … walking away, who is recovering … who stuffs completely, with the water flowing over the roof … It’s ultraviolent. “

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