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July 2016
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As on a boat

Intérieur de la maison E.1027. une halte E.1027 la Maison en Bord de Mer d’ EILEEN GRAY juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © SPIEKERMEIER

Inside and outside are replying to each other. No interruption or abrupt separation. Inside the house, volume is modulated at will. The architecture is organized into spaces in a room of 50 m2 without separations: a corner alcove, a sofa corner for two, a shower behind a screen wall, and opposite, a bar-dining area. As on a boat, everything fits in a minimum of space in order to “leave everyone free and independent.” Architectural or feminist manifesto? For convenient storage for everyone regardless of gender, this spirit of liberating order is materialized by small labels stenciled on the wall or furniture, specifying the names of things: “pillows » closet tablet « for the teeth” in the bathroom or closet ‘robes. On his drawings and plans, Eileen Gray postpones subspace containing movable furniture, fixed or integrated accompanying all activities. This furniture will be made especially for the Villa: the Transat armchair inspired by transatlantic crossings seats, the Bibendum chair, the “Marine First » carpet, the clever circular chrome bedside table called E-1027 table … as many coins which today attracts collectors in the auctions house which still circulate the original models.

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