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July 2016
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A seaside resort of a new kind

Intérieur de la maison E.1027. une halte E.1027 la Maison en Bord de Mer d’ EILEEN GRAY juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © SPIEKERMEIER

The house made entirely of concrete and bricks, painted in white, is base on stilts between the terraces (Provencal-style dry stone walls) and the rocks overlooking the sea Everything in the building, reminds the world of the boat. The running balcony like a ship’s deck, lifebuoys, tarpaulins and white and blue color variations. This seaside resort of a new kind, included in an agricultural landscape, combined with the time a completely modern vision of the habitat while reinterpreting traditional architecture elements: the flaps are sliding and technically designed to ventilate, but equipped with shutters reminiscent vernacular uses. The roof terrace is open to the four winds, surrounded by a wall like a frieze, which leads to a spiral staircase topped by a circular skylight. Chimneys resemble those ships, but are miniaturized. Balconies, railings are white lacquered tubular metal. Instead of windows, these are windows that fold accordion wisely as screens -a nod to Art Deco screens beginning. At the end of the room, a door opens onto a shaded balcony dedicated to nap in a hammock, facing the blue immensity.

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