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July 2016
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Rudy Ricciotti

Fort Saint Jean MUCEM. Une Halte à Marseilles Ricciotti Pilotines Juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

Who else that Rudy Ricciotti, the architect of Mucem itself, could allow, for his intervention to save the jetty, or at least the part of the cohesive whole that the new entity is Fort Saint-Jean – MUCEM? Give visibility, reputation among the Marseillais who pass by without noticing? If the history of drivers is one with that of the Old Port, occupation, although public interest, remains little known and their omnipresence in the port, in short, very discreet. The drivers do their job without making waves. In 1821, several years after a decree signed by Napoleon giving birth to the corporation of Marseille drivers, a first wooden bridge, “a pussy” was set up in the Old Port for mooring pilot boats, exactly in the place now occupied by the Phocée.

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