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July 2015
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Hand made craft

Ceccaldi cutlery © DR

Personal objects are unique because they are created with local materials chosen by the client, the Corsican knife is designed to last for a longtime and to be used every day. Everyone should have one in their pocket, their bag and use it as a tool, cutlery during mealtimes… or even as a weapon. 30 years ago, while the hand made craft risked dying out with Paul Santoni, Jean Pierre Ceccaldi took it over and has managed to modernise the designs to the twenty-first century with original and stylish creations. Firstly set up in the Zoza family home, in the south of Corisca, the cutlery factory had to quickly find more space for its growing success and thus moved to Porticcio. It’s here that are all of the brand’s models are handcrafted, the “Curnicciulu”, the first penknife, but also the traditional ‘vendetta’ and other exceptional pieces. “We are between the world of knife art and experimental creation,” explained Jean Pierre Ceccaldi. The surfaces usually have beautiful moire effects. The materials are valuable, original mechanisms. It’s a real goldsmith work.”

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