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July 2014
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Yurts, tipis, log cabins, igloos, caravans…

Cabins of the Salagnac Region © Ludovic Bischoff

Yurts, tipis, log cabins, igloos, caravans…the various different styles of authentic hotel rooms has developed considerably in recent years. And not necessarily for the happiness and comfort of guests, many of who often find themselves huddling together like penguins in a freezing, non-waterproof makeshift shelter! The durability of these sleeping structures, which tend to offer basic dry toilets and a candlelit atmosphere, does very little to reassure you. The ‘Cabins of the Salagnac Region’ take the completely opposite view of this ecological, boho trend that simply advocates an austere return to nature, albeit for the same price as a three star hotel room! Budding interior architect Apolline Terrier wanted to show that you could design a dwelling that takes nature into consideration, whilst offering the best of modern comfort.

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