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January 2015
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An anti urban remedy

An artist's retreat. Photo 1, 2, 4 & 5 © Villa Lena, by Kuoni. Photo 3, 6 & 7 © Plume. Courtesy of Villa Lena

Open to the public for the past year, Villa Lena takes the name of its owner, Lena Evstfieva, rising from the ashes, having fallen into ruin and restored by the family of this young lady since 2007.
Looked after and managed today by gallery-owner Lena and her husband Jérôme Hadey, entrepreneur and music producer and Lionel Bensemoun of Le Baron and la Clique, the property has been transformed into a place of encounter, like an “anti urban remedy” as described by Jérôme, which bridges the gap between a Foundation and an artist’s residency, a hotel and guest suites for family holidays, a retreat that allows you to dislocate yourself from city life, in search of fresh air and tranquillity, or even a family home filled with friends, who live their chosen “dolce vita” and revel in poolside parties in the summer.

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