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January 2014
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Photo1- Wallpaper "Birds Black". Photo2- Wallpaper "Palermo" . Photo by Marie Photo3- Wallpaper "Cormandel" Photo4- Wallpaper "Modular". Photo by Marie. The 4 by Minakani Lab

Composed of Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin, designers and manufacturers, Minakani Lab designs collections of exceptional wall décor. Guided by their passion for pattern and color, their imagination borrows from the world of childhood and dreams, literature and travel, Scandinavian and Japanese imagery, the two most inspiring landscapes. A cloudy sky, giant peacocks, stylized lightning and the darkened peaks of the Carpathians make up their theatrical scenery. Developed in their Parisian workshop, each mural tells a refined and fantastic, surprising and poetic story.

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