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February 2017
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It is high gastronomy

Marc Veyrat. Une halte février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Marc Veyrat.jpg

It goes from the Opinel knife that you are invited to wipe with bread between each dish, to this empty plate that is placed in front of you and that we must turn over to discover a cream desert. “My grandfather had only one knife, which he wiped with bread, and he turned his soup plate over to eat the cheese. Here too, “laughs Marc Veyrat, proud of his good joke. But on the plate, it is high gastronomy: yogurt of virtual foie gras and fragrant myrrh; Potimarron soup, crispy chestnuts, nutmeg, eggshell cookie; Leman trout cooked in spruce bark; New smoked tartiflette with acha of the mountains and salmon; Nitrogen glazed candy with forest aromas ; Puffed wit boletus pear, etc.

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