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February 2017
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His love of wild herbs

Marc Veyrat. Une halte février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Marc Veyrat.jpg

“My tables at Veyrier-du-Lac or Megeve were good, but they were only sketches. Here I touch my absolute dream: to have a farm where I can work in autarky. We produced almost everything on spot, as we did back in time. This is my greatest pride … “, assures the chef who tends to become more and more vegetarian and grows stronger his love of wild herbs. Soon, when he has replaced a recalcitrant door, one should enter his domain via a tunnel laid out as a food conservatory. The happy guests will then discover the stalls on which the fruits and vegetables harvested before the first snows wait for the cook to come. Grandmother’s jars on shelves are filled with preserves. Herbs and plants are frozen in nitrogen to restore their flavors throughout the year. A fishpond with lake fishes. A salting-room and a smoking-room, where all the parts of the pig are hung. A workshop where he makes his cow tomme is next to a fine cheese cellar of all the Aravis cousins. The country bread, cooked in the great oven of the court, is waiting in a maze filled with wheat bran.

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