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February 2015
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Vivanta by Taj - Madikeri, Coorg. Courtesy of Vivanta by Taj - Madikeri, Coorg

Asia offers a “Deccan Empires” trip of 14 days / 12 nights…from Bangalore to Hyderabad, passing through Mysore, the Madikeri regions and its coffee plantations, the Hoysala sanctuaries of Belur and Halebid, and of course the UNESCO recognised Hampi site. The visit to the Deccan empires also stops in the ancient cities of the Chalukya dynasty and Golconde.
Starting at 2290 euros (including tax) from Paris, including full-boarding, with a French-speaking guide.
For enquiries and reservations: 01 44 41 50 10 or visit www.asia.fr.

Twice-daily flights from 449 EUR (including tax) run by Lufthansa, which serve Mumbai with connecting local flights, from Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille and Strasbourg via Frankfurt and Munich. Return from Bangalore starts at 597 EUR (including tax). Premium Economy (visit http://premium-economy.lufthansa.com) starts at 1297EUR (including tax). Contacts: www.lufthansa.com and tel +33 892 231 690.

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