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February 2015
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At the top of Mount Matangda

At the top of Mount Matangda. Karnataka © Cécile Sepulchre

Dispersed about the Tungabhadra River, visitors may also admire remains of the temples of Virupaksha and Achyutaraya, as well as the majestic Vittala temple, a gem of elegance with its musical props. You might even come across the sacred Lakshmi elephant in the middle of his bath. Tended to with honours worthy of her position (massages, finery and jewels, etc.) the mistress of the house gives out her blessings to a great fanfare, for a price.

Custom dictates that the day should end at the top of Mount Matangda, which offers the best view to monkeys and humans alike. Here, you may bump into the latest local hippies who have come to contemplate the setting sun in a collective silence, as the distant tinkling of bells announces the evening ceremony.

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