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February 2013
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The secret of La Bamba de Areco

La Bamba de Areco© Marie Le Fort

After a few kilometers, La Bamba de Areco is discovered through the foliage of a row of plane trees: the horsemen at roam the land full gallop while the huge colonial style estancia stands tall with its red ox-blood walls. The sharpened lines, geometric shapes and architecture of the place reminds one, if needs must, that this former coaching inn was built in 1830. Especially the Pulperia, the historic redbrick annex topped off with a windmill, evokes all the myths of the pampas and its gauchos. Pictures in black and white of horses adorned for the big shows and hands beautifully laced with ‘wrinkles of use’ compliment braided leather seats, with wooden tables and imposing fabrics in faded colours.
The secret of La Bamba de Areco lies in the mix of refined details and rough walls. The elegance of an interior punctuated by art, amber decanters of whiskey and beautifully caned blond wood chairs that dialogue with this open plain that has been ploughed by the hooves, nurtured with traditions, and perfumed by the asados and other parties held around the fire.

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