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December 2016
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Animation de Guillaume Delvigne Ettore - Exposition tabouret Cork. Une halte décembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © La Source

The “family” of the Cork
For Guillaume Delvigne, it was not an easy exercise, the designer considering Jasper Morrison as one of his “masters:” I try to take this with a certain distance, not to put too much pressure on myself, Look with humor so that it comes out of something light, “ he confides.

Facing the “family” of the Cork, since the stool exists in several equally refined forms, he has continued in the series idea, developed by Jasper Morrison through ceramic pieces made for Vallauris. He applies to the transformation a method implemented by Morrison in a personal project.

“By cutting the object I amuse myself by decomposing it and re-composing it in order to obtain new shapes. These combinations can sometimes be surprising, although the same parts are always used. I see them as totems, a nod to the work of one of my other “masters”, Ettore Sottsass. “

As for this so « retro” material, how is it approached? “The light and tender aspect of the object made me divert it almost like a game.

With color I reinforce this effect and I more clearly dissociate forms. I decided to cut the object every time the slope changes, in order to obtain pieces of extreme simplicity. In the end there are only three shapes, a large flat cylinder in two copies, two truncated cones and a small cylinder. Everyone now has to own it … “.

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