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December 2016
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Stay at the service of the object

Animation Clo’é Floirat Exposition tabouret Cork. Une halte décembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © La Source

Stay at the service of the object
For the cartoonist Clo’é Floirat, the exercise is that of the respectful pirouette. “We think that it is a real playground even if, however, a little slippery! Applying her own signature to a signature-monument is an exercise that requires some humility and some acrobatics. It is a matter of appropriating it without expropriating its original essence for all that. It is a kind of one-way collaboration and I have tried to stay at the service of the object. “The Cork Family stool defies the idea that everyone is made of cork material and reminds us that the design is certainly not an object-image but rather a subject to be lived. “. Taking on the idea of ​​series as well, it has attached itself to the spirit of the series with subtle variations that do not necessarily see at first glance. She makes the object a light satire on the consumer society, “the ass between two chairs” before the embarrassment of the choice it imposes us. “This drawing is an absurd mise-en-abyss of these dilemmas and contradictory arguments – in the face of these possible choices – that lead to the same conclusion. ”

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