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December 2014
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Winter Solstice by Pierre Hermé

Winter Solstice by Pierre Hermé. Courtesy of Pierre Hermé

Half sculpture, half cake, this cluster of square logs is a culinary masterpiece consisting of biscuit melted with almonds, praline rolled with dark chocolate, fine layers of dark chocolate, ganache and Chantilly cream made of pure original chocolate from Brazilian Plantation Paineiras.
The pâtissier: before making his name as a master of macaroons, Pierre Hermé is first and foremost the descendent of 4 generations of Alsacian pâtissiers. At a young age, he started out at Lenôtre, before moving onto Fauchon and Ladurée and to the international success he knows today.
Limited series of 55, starting at 140 € for 12 people.

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