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August 2016
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Domaine du Muy. une halte au Domaine du Muy aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

This 2016 edition, as an excellent vintage and assembles ten new integrated parts to the course, including the single piece of Dan Graham (or Sculpture Pavilion? 2015) Retouched Image of Chinese artist Wang Du (an elephant raising a car, another unique piece made in 2015), the islets, three seats in steel and aluminum of french architect Claude Parent, father of the theory of the Oblique Function that sets a new report based on ground instability and imbalance, or Peter Regli, Swiss artist living in New York, known for its installation of Land Art with a teddy sculpture in black and white marble, another unique piece (titled HR 324_10 Teddy wBase sculpture, 2014). Not to mention the work of Tomas Saraseno, Cloud Cities / Air-Port-City 4 Modules Metal (2010_2011) single monumental work created by the Argentinean artist born in 1973 in Tucuman, who “lives and works on and beyond the Earth “.

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