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August 2016
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The works in nature

Domaine du Muy. une halte au Domaine du Muy aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

Nature has a say in art. Admittedly, and this is necessary here as an evidence. Not only the meaning of the work itself is revealed, but in addition, nature reveals the depth of individual perception face at work. It clarifies the heart, opens the senses. Restores confidence. “Collectors are discovering them in a setting where they have never seen them. In a new framework for them, a place where nature is very strong, where we worked on how to introduce the works in nature instead of as is most of the time, bend nature to perspective works. There they did the opposite. We will ask the nature almost kindly accept work offered to him, “exclaims Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand. The pieces are chosen by porosity, randomly fairs, meetings, various exhibitions that will also make Edward, son of Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand, artistic director of the estate, accompanied by Simon Lamunière, curator since 2016 this season . thus, a piece of Dan Colen, an American artist who appropriates the codes of Street Culture and Pop Art, noticed on a show, joined the Domaine du Muy, lent by the gallery Gagossian in the context of relationships with non-represented by JGM gallery in Paris artists. “One way for us to work with major international galleries and open doors to new artists,” he says. On the tape the way, forty works: the one permanent, the other passage, the unique one, the other built on site by the artist (as 128 squares and Their demonstration, cinder block wall and painting done in situ Claudia Comte in 2015, Swiss artist working in Berlin). The opening is required. Impossible is not French.

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