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August 2015
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The fantasy of every child

Pierre-Alexandre Risser © Béatrice Delamotte

Discovering Pierre-Alexandre Risser’s hideout, means walking through his nursery – without trying to be too distracted by the magnificence of various plants -, passing through a wooden door and climbing a path lined with flourishing hedges before entering into…Eden! The fantasy of every child and adult who knows how to dream; from the large tree-house that overlooks the natural pool to the wall of bamboo that hides the house, all contribute to this wonderful world. It is here that this city gardener cultivates his corner of secrets. But do not allow yourself to be fooled by the apparent chaos that reigns: each plant has been carefully selected and the furniture – a mix of art deco and vintage objects – helps create the look. This false simplicity testifies to the art of this master of places, a talent that has been honoured by numerous awards.

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