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August 2013
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Luminous bedrooms

©Jean-François Gaté photos 1,2,3 and 4: inside the hotel rooms with bathroom

For those who do not wish to be too far from the black swimming pool overlooking the ocean – a fantasy replica of the oyster ponds native to the region – there is always the 10 rooms in the main building. The door of one of them reads “Philippe and Yasmine”. This is the room of the designer and his wife. This is the ultimate proof that Starck is well accustomed to the place! Like all the others, it is accessed via a very dark corridor. And as soon as the bedroom door opens, the light blinds, almost, with the clarity that prevails. The light reaches every corner here. It enters through the large windows and even invades the open bathroom. Starck has filled the room with everyday objects and even left a list of his favorite addresses in the region on the dresser. All the details he put into La Co(o)rniche came from the heart.

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