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August 2013
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A feast for your eyes and taste buds

©Jean-François Gaté photos 1 , 3 and 4: Terrace of the restaurant/ photo 2: inside the restaurant

La Co(o)rniche is also (some say first and foremost!) a restaurant. It can be accessed by crossing through an aromatic herb garden. The restaurant is huge, enormous in fact, with a cozy room where you can collapse into deep sofas and a vast, endless terrace where there is a rush to enjoy the crustaceans and fish atop the highest sand dune in Europe. The terrace is perfect for an aperitif and tapas at sunset. But only the hotel guests have the privilege of having breakfast here, amongst the calm, whilst admiring the Bay d’Arcachon in the first light of dawn. One of the most beautiful places on earth, certainly…


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