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April 2017
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Bring the body and mind into the here and now

Détente majuscule au Tigre Yoga Club & Spa. avril 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

On the program: to free our body from the turpitudes of the mind, to reconnect to our corporeal essence, to awaken energy and make it circulate. And we find many people fail during the first few minutes of a massage to totally relax. To remedy this, Elodie Garamond has designed a new massage in duo with the practitioner Anne-Laure Bret, which starts with a short session of pranayama and meditation. The goal ? To bring the body and mind into the here and now to make the most of the massage to follow. This divine care composed of a series of slow and precise maneuvers to stimulate and diffuse energy throughout all meridians. A benevolent approach where each gesture aims to lengthen the muscles, relax tensions, untie the joints and release repressed emotions. Inspired by Yogic, Ayurvedic and Balinese codes, this massage is an invitation to let go and reconnect to ourself. On top ? Body and mind are aligned, in harmony, energized and this joyful feeling of lightness when we come out …

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